"i’m in love with the world today 
and i want to give myself for all of you 
i want to be the one you can count on 
even in our darkest day 

we are seeing 

and we are beautiful 
and we are worth it all 
and we are living/breathing 

i want to tell you all, you mean everything to me 
and we are always one even when we disagree 
there is something magical here 
even when we don’t believe 

we are loving 

and we are beautiful 
and we can change the world 
and we are living/breathing “

I found a path to break through all the holes in my chest

"I don’t need love if I have soul"

"the bows the dips the woos"

"I don’t want to fade away"

"Congratulations on the mess you made of things
On trying to reconstruct the air and all that brings
And oxidation is the compromise you own
But this is beginning to feel like the dog wants her bones saved”


my eye, my ears, my hands and my mind