shaded tree

my eye, my ears, my hands and my mind

"Wake up raspberry…
See you hanging with archers in drunken apartments again, why don’t you tear me up”

"Oh come down from the water tower, remembering why
A highway town in the sea of attrition, owning my eye
A sea I see at the end of the road, in wilder tides
Lay me down in the echoes of seasons, with your hands over my eyes.”

My doodles

Two photos 

"I’ll talk but you won’t listen to me"

Handcrafted muses

I’ll never give up faith on space

My morning in my backyard

"I need your love pushing on my pride

I want your touch pressing on my hide’


I had the great pleasure of my best friend in life, but have not seen in ten years, come and visit with not only his family but also his art. Talented on all fronts, he has been focused on sculptures made from antiques and scrap material. The work is out of this world.
He let me continue my passion of doing photography and moving pictures to capture some of the moments and his art,
Link to his Facebook if interested at seeing his work or contact if interested in collecting.
Hope you enjoy.
Music by The cave singers
Song Cold eye
Thank you


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